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      • February 4, 2023 10:17 am local time

      • Irene
        February 25, 2022 at 12:14 am

        3 years ago
        To anyone considering this cake shop: I had a horrible experience with this place. I placed an order for a custom cake and paid entire balance a month before the event. Receptionist says everything is all set just come in after 1pm to pick up the cake.The day of, I call to let them know I’m on my way. They say they don’t have a cake order under my name and the call mysteriously gets disconnected. I call back, the owner asks me to describe the cake. She then says I apologize but we don’t have your cake, a receptionist they hired messed up all these orders and they fired her.( if you had a receptionist that messed up orders shouldn’t you double check all your orders to make sure you fixed what she messed up?) Anyhow, my order was amongst those, she said we can make a cake for you but it won’t be the flavors you ordered. I requested a full refund she said absolutely! and said she can make a vanilla cake instead and that it’ll be ready in 25 minutes. 2 hours later she has the cake ready and says she will not give me a refund because she finished the cake regardless of the mistakes they made and if I want a full refund and I quote “I will cancel your order and you can go elsewhere for a cake.” After having agreed to give me the refund having me wait 2 hours instead of 25 minutes on top of the cake mishap the attitude this “business owner” had was absolutely unacceptable. After I questioned her about the original offer she said okay I can give you a credit of $50 to come back another time. That was another slap in the face to think I would ever come back. After i said I will never order there again she said fine I will give you back the $50 for the flavor change as if it was that simple they completely lost my order threw it together that day and called it a flavor change. Five minutes later I get a call from the receptionist that the owner said she fired calling to apologize for the mistake. And lastly, when we’re driving back we realize they did not secure the buttercream cake in the box so when we get home one side is completely ruined. As a professional cake shop shouldn’t you know how to secure a cake so it doesn’t slip off the base?

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